Good & Proper™
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Good & Proper ™ was born from the desire to feel our best and look our best
— so that we can be our best. We believe that the glow starts from within.


The Glow Starts From Within

We’re true believers that mindfulness provides a foundation for sound mental health — nourishing our minds is just as crucial as nourishing our roots. With each of our products, you’ll receive a private code that offers you exclusive access to our Manetra™ Meditations, short, tailored meditations to repeat while applying our hair oil, taking a midday break or recentering yourself in the moment.

Mend Hair Oil

A soothing and centering blend to relax and unwind, with notes of lavender and woody, warming frankincense and myrrh.

Intend Hair Oil

A revitalizing blend of essential botanical oils to energize and refresh, led by notes of fresh, herbal rosemary and crisp bergamot and grapefruit.



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