Good & Proper™ FAQs

How should I apply the hair oil?

Good & Proper™ hair oil can be applied to dry or damp hair.

Roll our hair oil onto your scalp either after a shower or throughout the day to restore and heal. Each blend’s luxuriant notes will become your new signature scent — no perfume or cologne required.

Do the hair oils work on all hair types?

Yes. Both Intend and Mend are blended to work on all hair types.

The roller allows for easier application no matter your hair style or thickness, to evenly distribute the oil without weighing down your locks.

Are the hair oils greasy?

No. The hair oils are lightweight and can be applied throughout the day to promote hair and scalp health. They can be used after styling and lightly applied to flyaway hair for the finishing touch to your look.

Can the hair oils be used together?

Yes. The hair oils can be combined.

However, they have each been blended with a specific intention and scent that trigger different mental associations. For an intense restoration, apply oil liberally and leave on overnight.

Are the hair oils available in droppers?

The hair oils are currently only available as rollers. This allows for easier application no matter your hair type, as well as a mini massage for your scalp.

Is there a specific order in which the hair oils should be used?

The Intend hair oil’s energizing scents are meant to uplift and inspire throughout the day. The Mend hair oil is more soothing, to encourage relaxation at the end of it.

Scent is the sense most linked to memory. We recommend using each hair oil at a specific, consistent time — their individual fragrance will prompt your mind to take a moment and focus on the present. Your mind will associate Intend with preparing for the day and rejuvenating yourself in the middle of it, while Mend’s lavender-forward notes will prepare you to wind down, breathe deep and sleep well.

Can I use the hair oils on my face and body?

The oils can be rolled on the back of your neck and arms for an extra dose of essential oils. Let the scents usher you into a state of mindfulness.

Are the hair oils safe to use with color-treated hair?

Yes. Hair oils can be safely used with all types of hair, including hair that has been chemically- and color-treated.

How much hair oil should I use?

You can use as much or as little hair oil as you like, depending on your mood and hair type.

How should I store the hair oils?

Our hair oils can be stored anywhere, though should be kept out of intense heat and direct sunlight.

How long do the hair oils last?

Our hair oils have a twelve-month shelf life.

Where do you sell?

Good & Proper products are currently available on our website.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship within the United States and internationally.

What is your return policy?

We want you to love your Good & Proper™ purchase. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your product, you can start your return request by emailing us at within 30 days of your order fulfillment date.

Please note that all orders purchased outside of the US and items that have been used are not eligible for returns due to COVID-19 guidelines.

How long do refunds typically take?

As soon as we receive your returned product and we have reviewed its condition and reason for return, your refund will be credited to the card used for the original purchase.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We source our ingredients locally in California.

Is Good & Proper packaging recyclable?

Yes. Good & Proper™ oils are packaged in glass containers, which are recyclable and reusable.