When we think of MANTRA we think of stillness and meditation.
Do we consider how we practice, when & where?


OUR MANETRA MEDITATION will help you connect to your mantras whilst caring for yourself during your hair & beauty regimes.

Good & Proper have decided to combine our routines that we do in day to day life to bring you peace, calm, vitality, health & good old beauty from inside out.


Our GOOD & PROPER  hair-care products are packed full of plant-based magic , vitamins & oils and scientifically proven ingredients to strengthen your hair & scalp and remind you to strengthen your mind and body in the process.

Our scents will give you that mmmmmm which will turn to OHM in a breathe.

Science proves that when we take time to care for ourselves on the inside the outside will shine.

I started repeating MANTRA'S while I was washing my hair, waiting for masks, massaging oils into it without it taking any time out of my busy day.

In fact it gave me more time to be calm, productive, excited and not so impulsive.


I started to feel more relaxed and less anxious in the process , so everytime I would do certain things like wait for my MASK , or massage the MEND OIL  into my hair and scalp or set my intentions for the day with my INTEND OIL I would repeat different MANTRAS

It became a reminder to meditate and the scents and the effects of the beautiful essential oils really made the process feel luxurious as though i was really taking care of ME !!!. 

I found essential oils mixed with food based ingredients are a perfectly PROPER mix to really restore, mend and give your hair and mind the much needed love and attention it deserves.

Times have changed and we need to deepen our self care connection to meet these challenging times head on!

The concept of our Manetra method combines traditional application of products with mindfulness, meditation and connecting to sound and scents to enlighten the whole person as apose to just part of you.

Research has now proven that just 5 mins five minutes of deep intentional breathing can improve your levels of stress, anxiety, focus and well being by a huge amount.

Connecting to an anchor, in this case a product & scent will trigger your brain to remind you to have some me time.

With each purchase you will recieve CODE as a gift from us to unlock our premiere video & start to see your full potential with this guided meditation  hosted by our CEO Patsy Palmer and Ceri Bethan .

As part of our promise to you that if you practice breathing and repeating our MANETRA’ S  everyday , we have added a short audio guided meditation for you to get started , you will feel GOOD & PROPER before you know it . 

Ceri is a highly sort after meditation coach & spiritual counciler that resides in LA .

We hope you will become a valued member of our movement and