We at Good & Proper feel that beauty should start from within . Too many times we wait for the end result to feel good. This is the opposite of what we should be doing.

Statistics show time & time again that what starts from within glows on the outside.

The mind body connection is so important, what we put onto our head, scalp, and hair should be as natural as possible, without any harm or testing on animals.

The plant base revolution is a great signal to the planet to change the way we consume beauty. We believe that the experience of our day to day beauty regime should go deeper than just going to a salon for a cut and blow dry.

Times have changed and we need to deepen our self care connection to meet these challenging times head on!

The concept of our Manetra method combines traditional application of products with mindfulness, meditation and connecting to sound and scents to enlighten the whole person as apose to just part of you.

Research has now proven that just 5 mins five minutes of deep intentional breathing can improve your levels of stress, anxiety, focus and well being by a huge amount. Connecting to an anchor, in this case a scent will trigger your brain to remind you to have some me time.